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14" Lomey&reg Columns

14" Columns

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14" long.
Measures 1 1/4" outside diameter (1" inside diam)
Clear acrylic. Lomey® brand that's preferred by professionals.
These are not the cheaper flexible tubes.

Fits Lomey® Universal Piece and Party Riser Dishes.

How to use with Deco Beads?
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a. Insert the bottom of the column directly into Styrofoam or Glamour Bases. Gently twist column into the base until it can support itself. Remove and fill the indentation with glue and reinsert column. Hold straight until firm.


b. Make Deco Beads. Strain excess water. Fill column with deco beads. Use universal piece on top of columns. Glue a Glamour Base or Design Dish to the top of the universal piece.