3-Digit Unfinished EPS Foam Numbers

Awesome Events & Supplies, Inc.

SKU: 71-0003

Three Unfinished EPS foam numbers are joined together.
Contact us for larger sizes.

Available Sizes:

3", 4" & 5" tall x 1" thick or 6" tall x 2" thick.

The length of your number will depend on the combination of digits. The number 111 will be much shorter than the number 100 because of the shape of the digits.

Attach letters by pushing rods into your Styrofoam™ base. Secure using a glue gun.

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How to paint and glitter styrofoam.

Rod & Pick Options for EPS Foam Cut Outs:

  • Acrylic Rods - use if you need to elevate your foam cut out above foil poufs or fill in an arrangement. You will first need to punture the foam with a sharp point.
  • Wooden Picks - glue 1" wooden picks in the bottom if you want your foam cut out sitting flush on top of a STYROFOAMtm base. You will first need to punture the foam with a sharp point.
  • Bamboo Skewers - the point is easy to insert into a foam cut out but you may want to paint or decorate for a more festive look.
  • Rods or Picks won't be needed if you're mountng your foam cut out on a board or background.