Discount Tubing with Lights

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Discount Tubing

• Hard and sturdy clear columns.
• Available in 24” length. Custom sizes available.
• 1 ¼” OD 1 1/8” ID
• Does not fit Lomey™ universal pieces
• Fill with marbles, shred, beads, and candy.
• Inexpensive way to elevate your centerpiece.

Awesome Events Designer Tips

1) Use with Glamour Bases to elevate your centerpiece.
Mark center of bases. Insert column into the Styrofoam using a gentle twisting motion until the column is self-supporting. Remove, fill indentation with glue, reinsert and hold straight until glue is firm. Turn upside down and use a Riser Topper for the top of the column.

2) Deco Beads can used to decorate before gluing on the top base.

Discount Tubing with Lights