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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

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Styrofoam Mickey head cut out

The head cut out will be 1.5" thick foam & available in 3 sizes

Available in 6" wide - 8" wide - 11" wide
The approx sizes high & width would be 6" x 6" , 8" x 8" & 11" x 11"

You can order them unfinished for you to decorate or you can order them in glitter colors.
The items will be glittered on all sides.

Use only water based non-petroleum products. Spray paint can eat the foam.

Contact us if you need the items finished with a color, larger, or custom shapes.

Use Styrofoam cut outs for a Disney, Mickey Mouses, Disney craft themed party decorations.

**Disclaimer: There may be cut lines in some figures where the hot wire needed an entry & exit line to get into the center of a figure to finish cutting the shape. This line is 1/8th of an inch wide. Use paint spackle or masking tape to cover cut lines when painting &/or glittering. Spackle works better if your just painting. The glitter hides the masking tape better.